Upgraded Features of the New Mazda 6 2016

New Mazda 6 2016 features follow the development of the technology needed for the present and supported with a design that has been updated to make customers wait.

In addition to fighting in a sports car, Mazda‚Äôs sedan back renew suitable for families. New Mazda 6 2016 became one of the family featured in the target market for Mazda sedan fans are used not only for personal use but enough to make a trip with family. There are some changes on the inside of the car and as well as also with the outer appearance of the new sedan car for the coming year. Some features are also added to create a comfort when you’re doing a trip along this car. Features that would keep up with technology that becomes trend nowadays. You would have thought again to turn away from this car and move other types of cars.

The design of the new Mazda 6 2016 can be seen from the upgrade on the interior in the car. The cabins are made more beautiful to increase the value of the function. Revisions were performed on the instrument panel, the screen for the infotainment settings previously appeared in previous versions. And certainly for new types have better functionality. The outside appearances are a slightly transparent glass doors and surrounded by a metallic line. Alloy wheels are adorning metallic color black tires and in harmony with the body color of the car. Front and rear lights are sharper emit light. At the rear lights that look like eyes panned. Two exhaust that stood under the car is also revealed in the new Mazda 6 2016 redesign.

New Mazda 6 2016 Made Consumers Waiting

For security and still think you should review the speed of the machine set on the new Mazda 6 2016. The machine used is the 2.5-liter and four cylinders. This engine will produce 184 horsepower which is a good pair with 184 pound-feet of torque. This car is available with a 6-speed manual transmission and automatic. This is what has made consumers waiting when the Mazda 6 will appear in public. Many people have been waiting for the coming year is a time when competition from many industry sedan. Rumors say that the month of February is a time for new Mazda 6 2016 release date. So, this is not a long time waiting at all for the car to be in the market.