The latest Innovation in Nowy Passat CC 2016

Nowy Passat CC 2016 is the latest innovation in design saloon car. This luxury sedan will be produced in the United States and Mexico with turbo diesel engines.

2016 will be a big year for automotive enthusiasts, especially in the car. Because it is would be a lot of innovation and renewal of various kinds of car design with some assurance to be provided. Nowy Passat CC 2016 is one of the many production cars that have a sedan design. This car is a car with the design of the sedan and luxury car classified. In the American state of this car nicknamed CC Golf and Jetta CC. CC sedan is currently under development at the American production. But one of the factory said that this sedan production will be moved to Mexico.

Engine Performance in Nowy Passat CC 2016

The car will also be designed with more than one version. This means you will face the choice of models and styles of each version. The manufacturer has yet to confirm the version of what will be in production in 2016 next. Nowy Passat CC 2016 will be designed to be luxurious and elegant. These reforms will also refer to the entire platform outside and the inside part of the car. Nowy Passat CC 2016 change has been done in the design model and style that is inspired by the style of the model in the Audi A7.

Nowy Passat CC 2016 will use the latest technology seem like a race car. In addition, the update also will be placed on the front body section with HID lamps that look stylish. Then the engine options will also use the machine with a standard fast, namely is the 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine with five cylinders. Nowy Passat CC 2016 release date will be produced in early 2016 around the month of February, according to rumors of sport car lovers. Then to the price would be estimated at no more than $20,000 to $30,000. This price is based on a comparison of the Audi A3 sedan.