New 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse R

Futuristic design and sophisticated interior features are some that make the 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse R has a luxurious feel for the appearance and also feel outside and inside the car.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse R is a sports car that comes with a futuristic design; the exterior appearance of elegant and luxurious cars will be powered by some advanced features to support a more optimal at the time the car is used by your driving on the highway. 2.4-liter SOHC MIVEC 4-cylinder 16 is a machine used by these cars will be able to reach a top speed in this car. The engine produces 586 HP power and can reach 60 miles per hour with a time of 6 seconds.

Comes with unique design on all of details that can be done will make 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse R look perfect. This car has a dimension that is not too large 16 inch rims sporty and car is quite low, it is intended that the acceleration of the car stable when driving on the highway at high speed. The front of the car is equipped with a lamp that looks thin with sharp display and has an elegant look. 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse R dashboard has undergone revision, it is intended that the car has an aerodynamic design. Not only that, the car was ever used in the film fast and furious, which certainly has a high speed during the ride.

The interior of the car is equipped with several advanced features to support the driving comfort of the driver and passengers at the time was in the 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse R. Seat portion of the car interior view has a luxurious and elegant. This car has a capacity for 2 people, namely the driver and passenger, but has a cabin size large enough to provide space for more when they were in the car. 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse R equipped with standard safety systems to provide comforts such as stability control, a very well break function, ABS system and airbags.