2016 Toyota Innova for Your Family Car

2016 Toyota Innova is a type of family car design with simple yet elegant display on the car side. Suspension machines will be designed with the latest technology premises speed automatic transmission.

2016 Toyota Innova is a type of family car design with simple yet elegant display on the car side. Japanese factory production has been able to penetrate various automotive markets in the world both in Asia, America and Europe. Innova is the best choice for an affordable price and suitable as a vehicle for middle class families, although simple type of family car market has mushroomed Asia like Indonesia and other countries. Type of car is also able to compete with the latest production of the Honda CRV and SUV class gradually.

5 door become design the primary choice with a little extended on the passenger seat or steering wheel. 2016 Toyota Innova on the exterior or the body has received updates from a touch of warm light LED lights that form a crease line on the back. On the front is also slightly changed the headlights have been using HID technology that KNI family car comes with stylish. 2016 Toyota Innova interior will be equipped with a variety of supporting features comfort and safety in driving as parking camera, climate regulator with command buttons are easy to use and modern.

At the election of the engine plant has not officially announced but is expected to use a machine that is higher and the latest suspension of the previous generation. 2016 Toyota Innova will be designed using the latest diesel engine will be mated to an automatic transmission speed anyway. From the initial production of this family car earned the nickname as an environmentally friendly car because of combustion in the engine will produce a smooth sound. Cooling machine is also available with durable so that driving distance will not be an obstacle. The fuel used is also quite sparingly so it is suitable drive with loved ones with 2016 Toyota Innova.