2016 Toyota Fortuner with Expected Lighter Bodyweight

2016 Toyota Fortuner images have been released these days, giving us insights on how the new midsize SUV from Toyota will be.

The upcoming 2016 Toyota Fortuner is mentioned to be built based on Global Architecture platform Toyota has created. Apparently, the platform looks similar to one for Volkswagen MQB. If can hardly wait for 2016 to see how the new 2016 Fortuner looks, there are many images already released online so you can get brief insight how this midsize SUV will look like. Undoubtedly, in addition to imporved appearance, 2016 Toyota Fortuner concept surely must include improved performance as well.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Redesign

Unfortunately, you may find there is no Toyota Fortuner 2016 major change made for this new model year. However, just take a look at 2016 Toyota Fortuner exterior styling. You will find complete exterior makeover to emphasize the strong and tough appearance for all new Toyota Fortuner 2016. The front bumper is made from special metal that will not rust and complemented by new LED lamps and fog lights. For the mirrors, chrome metal is used and they will be equipped with blinkers. Looking at the rear part, LED lights are also used for taillights with sharper and angular edge.

However, for Toyota Fortuner 2016 interior, we expect there will be some major changes made inside. From the released 2016 Toyota Fortuner photos, you can find the interior color will be both red and black, with red is made as main accent color for interior styling. Apart from that, the driver seat is expected to be expanded to provide ample headroom for driver; thanks to the increasing in space between seats and roof. Then, looking at the cabin, major changes for center console and dashboard surely become a must to improve the effectiveness and convenience while driving.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Engine

Powering the upcoming Toyota Fortuner 2016, you will find three engine options under the hood. Those engine options are available with different displacement capacities: 3.0 liters, 2.7 liters, and 2.5 liters. Respectively, the engines produce 163 horsepower, 160 horsepower, and 140 horsepower. Both four-speed automatic and five-speed manual will be available to pair the engine. The expected performace surely will be increasing, especially since the redesigned and improved ladder frame chassis.