2016 Dodge Journey Comes to Your Family Car

2016 Dodge Journey is a type of SUV that seem dashing and elegant this latest production will experience a change in the design of the interior and exterior as well as the suspension on a machine with different versions.

2016 Dodge Journey SUV is a car with a design that seemed big and powerful. This new generation will be present at the beginning of 2016 with the latest specifications and complete details. This compact SUV is designed with a more refined when compared to the previous year’s production. Updates and changes to the entire platform as well as advanced features attached to the side of the car’s interior. This latest innovation will be the best choice choose four-wheeled vehicle with a dashing and elegant appearance. This type looks more aggressive SUV that will compete in other SUVs in its class.

On the interior side will be given a touch more refined than the previous generation crate will be refined leather upholstery with a choice of dark colors are soft and comfortable. 2016 Dodge Journey comes with supporting features comfort and safety while driving such as satellite navigation with touch screen support is quite wide, with a set of audio speakers that will produce a clear sound complete with a variety of connector port on cellular and internet applications. 2016 Dodge Journey is also available with temperature control button when in the car with the keys are easy to use in a particular version has been using a combination of voice commands.

Updates are also attached to the suspension and its engine speed is generated, the machine is selected in the standard version is a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder that will produce the equivalent speed of 173 horsepower. The engine will be combined with a 4-speed automatic transmission speed manual transmission is also available in a special version. 2016 Dodge Journey will be available with a variety of types that have differences on the suspension and its engine produced by the engine speed. Presents driving comfort with features supporting safety and fuel economy with the 2016 Dodge Journey.