2015 Honda Insight Hybrid Review

2015 Honda Insight Hybrid comes with three trim levels such as Base, LX and EX that will be an option for you. Not only that, this car has the ideal size to drive down the highway.

2015 Honda Insight Hybrid is equipped with a compact hatchback that will drive the front wheels and use a combination engine with CVT automatic transmission 1.3-liter four-cylinder. The engine of this car will produce up to 88 horsepower 88 lb-ft (119 Nm) of torque. Other than that, the car is an evolution of the previous model of a design with four doors and can accommodate up to five passengers. Honda produces cars with the three versions of the Base, LX and EX that can be customized to your needs in determining the appropriate car.

These cars have a common platform with the Honda CR-Z has been developed and made to appear on the exterior aerodynamics. 2015 Honda Insight Hybrid comes with a length of 66.7 inches, height 56.2 inches and width of 66.7 inch which is the size of the ideal car for you to drive by on the highway. Not only that, the 2015 Honda Insight Hybrid made of light material that will make fuel-efficient and capable of driving with good acceleration. The car’s exterior on the front fitted with a silver grille with a blue ribbon, it makes the car look sporty and elegant.

Halogen lamps are also applied to the front of the car which support the car will appear more optimal the time of use by you and on the rear of the 2015 Honda Insight Hybrid is equipped with the new LED lights. The car’s interior has a cabin made from premium materials that is coated with smooth leather and very comfortable chairs. Telescopic three-spoke steering wheel car is also covered with leather and fitted with a console in the center of the touch screen infotainment system. Luxurious feel of the interior of the car will give more convenience to your drive. 2015 Honda Insight Hybrid will be released in the summer of this year and has a $ 20.000 price range.